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Inverters and Lithium batteries

Mendaz Solar understands that life is not easy, solar is quite expensive, yet we understand that Solar is an investment, which is why we can help you upgrade your system by buying your current system (faulty Inverters and Lithium batteries).

Why throw away your faulty Inverters or Lithium batteries while you can trade it for a refurbished or new product?

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Refurbished Inverters and Lithium batteries

Mendaz Solar understands that Solar is does not come cheap and it has a negative impact where load shadding is concerned, the absence of electricity, inability to trade, which can create anxiety, stress, strained family relationship and feelings of helpleness.

We understand that it is not for everybody, and not everyone can afford to buy a new product. Therefore, we offer good refurbished brands for all Inverters and Lithium batteries at competitive prices.

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