A Leading Provider

Of Solar Energy Solutions


We aim to be a leading service provider in the solar field particularly in South Africa and in D R Congo. Mendaz Solar is not just a company, but a partner in your success


Our mission is to take our company to the next level in renewable energy – generating clean energy to avoid continual pollution of our planet

Who we are

a partner in your success

Mendaz Solar offers an unrivalled renewable solar service in South Africa and in some other countries in Africa for grid-tied, off grid and Solar plant systems.

Where Innovation Meets Sustainability


a company of Renewable Energy

We provide services from the Manufacturing, Distribution, Installation, Maintenance to the repairs of the solar kits and solar systems. Our services are extended to the Electrical Wiring, System Design, Electrical Drawing & System Registration.


Our qualified and well-trained Engineer technicians from different University with more than three years’ experience manufactures: Combiner boxes, Inverters, Batteries (Lithium) and Solar street lights.


Our qualified, experimented and strong Installer Team installs Backup Systems, Full solar systems, Residential Systems, Commercial Systems and other products.


Solar panels require very little maintenance especially if they are on tilt as rain can wash any debris. However, it is generally recommended that you perform solar panels cleaning between two and four times per year.



Developing and implementing effective staff training can benefit the business. We also offer professional training to students that involves meaningful, practical work related to the students field of study.

We look forward to working with you!

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