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Developing and implementating effective staff  training can benefit the business. By investing in our staff, even on a small training budget will drive down costs to our business and help increase sales and profits.

WHat are the benefits?

Increase productivity: see managing the performance of your staff.

Reduce staff turnover and absenteeism.

Improve the quality of work and goals.

Positively affect staff morale and motivation.

Improved organizational structures.

Help the business adapt to change and prepare for growth.

Reduce faults waste or customer complaints.

Give us a competitive advantage over the business rivals.

Mendaz Solar has Electrical and Electronic Engineers, who graduated from different universitites in South Africa such as: University of Cape Town(UCT), Cape Town University of Technology(CPUT) to name a few. With the years combined they have more than 10 years of experience in the Solar field as they have worked for companies like MLT Drivers and MLT Power in Cape Town.

Every year we get the opportunity to attend major exhibitions like AFRICA INDABA ENERGY, SOLAR POWER AFRICA, Huawei Training, Victron Installation and many more.

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